We are people oriented company.
We believe that the only way to achieve outgoing results is to do the right things with the right people.
Kjeld Tømmeraas Hastrup
CEO, KTH consult
Cross-platform enterprise solution
Mobile development
5 Employees
Project summary:
TRM produced a cross-platform enterprise application. Main requirements were high-performance, low battery consumption and feature-rich.
"TRM has educated me in the journey and the forward-looking aspects of what we need to do with the application."
Oleh Gordiichuk
Co-founder, Fat Tony Barbershop
Barbershop e-platform
Web/Mobile development
6 Employees
Project summary:
TRM built great platform for our business.
"TRM continues to be a valued partner to Fat Tony Barbershop, delivering an exceptional support service that helps us to remain on the leading positions in local market."