NLP - pttr means potter

A machine learning model to understand fancy abbreviations

How to recover phrases from abbreviations/typos, e.g. turn wtrbtl into water bottle, and bsktball into basketball?
And there is an additional complication: lack of a comprehensive list of words.
That means, we need an algorithm able to invent new likely words.

5 Reasons to Open a Software Development Center in Ukraine

Over the recent years, Ukraine has become a significant player on the European IT field. In fact, it is now the fourth largest exporter of IT services in the world. But don't think of Ukraine as a purely outsourcing destination: more than 100 R&D centers are located here, and the number is continuously growing. Oracle, Samsung, Magento, Ubisoft, SimCorp, sysIQ, Aricent, NetCracker, WarGaming, ABBY, Huawei, and Gameloft are just some of the world-renowned tech giants that entrusted their software development to Ukrainian IT companies. Why do increasingly more IT businesses choose to open their software development centers in Ukraine? The answer is simple: Ukraine has a lot to offer.

Draw image in Xamarin Adnroid app with your finger

Since its launch in 2011, the Mono framework known as Xamarin has been widely used for cross-platform app development. Through APIs, Xamarin apps natively communicate with the camera and GPS functions of iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Given that Xamarin has now been around for 7 years or so, and that it was acquired by Microsoft almost a year ago, the platform itself still seems to be a bit buggy and unstable.

But the biggest problem - is the lack of the proper real-world documentation.

Anyway, we like Xamarin, and will start to publish a series of articles to share our experience


Mobile App Development: Native vs Cross-Platform

How many of the people you know don't use a smartphone? Grandparents aside. More than 25% of the world’s population use smartphones daily for shopping, entertainment, booking, banking, traveling and more. If your company is contemplating mobile app development - native or cross-platform - this is your chance to seize the moment! Just think about it: the number of free app downloads has reached 197 billion in 2017 - that’s 26 times more than the world’s population! - and is expected to reach 352,9 billion in 2021.

Document Automation Systems: The What’s and How’s

You know what turns a peaceful and happy person into a red-faced frustrated monster? Tons of paper, slow-moving bureaucracy and never-ending electronic documents and forms. It all boils down to two words - wasted time. The solution - and answer to everybody’s prayers - lies in document automation systems. Businesses, government structures and end users will all benefit from it.

TRM Solutions is now Featured on Clutch!

We are excited to announce that we have been listed on Clutch’s website, competing as .NET developers against the leading companies in the software solution field! Clutch is an online ratings and reviews marketplace that creates and compares company profiles across a variety of industries.